12 de mar de 2012

Video: After The Smoke – One In A Million

Shortly after Yelawolf‘s uncredited remix of One In A Million surfaced, After The Smoke have dropped the visuals for the amazing original song by the Producer/MC duo. The video, which was edited by Rob Coin (a.k.a. Whuzi, the vocal half of After The Smoke) doesn’t actually featureAfter The Smoke for more than a second, but instead is full of clips of beautiful women, masks & blood, which works reather well. If for some reason you are yet to have download their Ep White Girls & Red Velvet Cake, then you should do so here, & check out a few extra releases from their Ekmos Friday series that was running at the end of last year & finally, be on the look out for their next mixtape, Ferris Wheels. Enjoy.

Click here to download – After The Smoke – One In A Million
So, today the One In A Million video was taken off YouTube by Universal Music Group because if that Yelawolf remix over the beat that leaked recently. When the leak actually happened it didn’t seem like that much of a big deal especially after Rittz (also featured on the song) released an apology of sorts stating that the track was never meant to be released. But when a label, such as UMG can claim copyright infringement, on something that they don’t own & take down a video, surely it’s been taken a little to far. Here’s what After The Smoke producer Speek had to say.
sorry folks
youtube took down the oiam music video and claimed that umg owns the copyrights to our song. apparently, umg has the power to take down our video because one of their artists rapped on a beat that i made from scratch. this is why revolution is necessary. we need less corporate power. we need more artist power. we need more people power. – anthony x²

As you may be able to tell, the video is now back on youtube after the dispute was covered on Forbes& from support of the After The Smoke fans.


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